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What is Cavitation? Cavitation occurs when bubbles that have been formed by spinning boat or ship propellers collapse. Pumps put liquid under pressure, but if the pressure of the substance drops or its temperature increases, it begins to vaporize, just like

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What do beer bottles, the mantis shrimp and propellers have in common? They are both good way to see a phenomenon called cavitation in action. Cavitation happens when the pressure in a liquid suddenly drops. The drop in pressure is caused by pushing a liquid quicker than it can react, leaving behind

What is Pump Cavitation?


Suction Cavitation When a pump is under low pressure or high vacuum conditions, suction cavitation occurs. The pump is being "starved" or is not receiving enough flow. When this happens, bubbles or cavities will form at the eye of the impeller. As the bubbles

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Vapour Pressure:The pressure exerted by the vapour of a liquid/solid on the liquid/solid when in thermodynamic equilibrium. Vapour pressure is constant at a given fluid/solid temperature. Cavitation: One of the mechanism by which fluid machinery,etc. get worn out. Let me explain it a bit. Imagine

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What is Cavitation? In the most basic sense, cavitation occurs when the pressure of a fluid becomes the same as its vapor pressure. When this happens a bubble of vaporized fluid forms.The formation of the vapor bubble is like boiling, but without adding heat. The

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Why Cavitation Can Destroy Your Pump and Pipes Introduction Water vapor “bubbles” or “voids” can form inside your pump and/or piping. When these voids collapse, they send out shock waves that can actually damage their surroundings.